Sunday, June 30, 2013

B's 1st Pet!!! A Dinosaur (and other science experiments)

Inspired by the wonderful children's book, Dinosaur Pet by Marc Sedaka, we went to the dollar store and purchased a lizard (a.k.a our pet Dinosaur) for B to take care of as his own. The package read "grows 600%" over 3-4 days when submerged in water. I was skeptical, but figured if it disintegrated, then we would deal with it as if it were any other pet. 

Day one:
We chose an "aquarium" from our recycle bin (thank you Sam's Club Organic Spinach container). Added "magic rocks" from our fairy garden that would act as "vitamins" for our new pet dinosaur so it would get big and strong because it doesn't eat people or dog food. We decided it was a boy and talked about a name but couldn't decide on one.

Day two: 
We gave our new pet dinosaur a name. Introducing ... (drum roll, please) Francisco!!! Then we gave him his first bath. B took the entire aquarium into the tub with him, dumped it out, cleaned it and scrubbed Francisco from head to toe. For the next ten minutes B proceeded to introduce his new pet to all of his tub toys.

Day three:
Francisco is definitely getting bigger. He at least doubled in size. We took Francisco out to our backyard while B played in his sandbox. Francisco needs lots sunshine and fresh water to keep healthy B decided. 

Day four: 
Francisco maxed out the size of his container and we gave him another bath, but decided to turn his aquarium into a terrarium to see if he would shrink back down like the package read.

Day five: 
Francisco seems to be enjoying breathing air like we do. He loooves to be scratched behind his ears like our doggies and he is beginning to shrink marginally.

Day six:
Ben wanted to take Francisco to church, but I said although God loves all things, our fellow parishioners may not be so willing to accept a dinosaur in church. I reassured B there is a time and a place for everything. Although I would've loved to see the look on some of the elderly folks faces in church if we had brought a life-like "dinosaur pet". Hee hee...(insert wicked laugh).

Day seven: 
Francisco is continuing to shrink as the package he came in instructed and unfortunately, so is B's interest in caring for him. I'm glad we did this trial run. I know for sure he's not ready for any real living creature yet, no matter how much he begs. 

I, on the other hand, have grown to love my little dinosaur pet a little more each day. I hope to keep him around (as long as counter or shelf space allows) to watch me prepare dinner and on late nights, watch TMZ together. 

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