Thursday, October 3, 2013

My 2 and a Half Year Old Said It:

"Please, give me some space"

Halloween Craft Bonanza!

Before having a little one, Halloween crafts meant pumpkin spice pudding shots and fraying the hem of that summers bridesmaid dress for my "sexy/scary" costume. A lot has changed...

Stringing toasted O's onto yarn with a toothpick. These will look festive strung on tree branches by our picture window while giving the birds a treat too!

Three months ago while melting away at a Fourth of July parade we were given these "fans" by the lovely people representing Fifth Third Bank. I held onto them (like I do very often) and was tickled when I got the inspiration to cut eye holes and paint them for a quick Halloween mask. 

I'm preparing myself for B to go totally boneless and lose his mind when Halloween night comes and he is "required" to wear a costume to receive candy... Hopefully these impromptu masks will do the "trick" (pardon the pun) for a costume compromise.

I painted a pumpkin on one and B painted a "shadow" on his. 

While we had the craft chest open B was  inspired by a bag of odds and ends I had floating around. It's amazing how a piece of construction paper and tube of glue can entertain a toddler so thoroughly. 

We have been collecting leaves as they begin to fall (and before our retired neighbor can get out his blower and leaf vacuum) to do a leaf rub picture for our nature table. As you can see, "rub" to B translates to scribble as hard as you can... 

On our little walks this week we have also pocketed a few acorns, crab apples and twigs that B thought were fascinating at the time. I let them sit in vinegar for a day and then baked them on 350 degrees for an hour in case there were any bugs or anything that had laid their eggs in there. 

We had an empty (plastic) nut butter jar and added it to our collection as a seasonal imagery jar. I was going to hot glue the lid, but I'm not concerned with B unscrewing the lid. Even if he did, he's already has his hands on everything in the jar while we collected it.

Look at this spread! Wow!! When we do craft time, we rock it out! We also enjoyed reading fun facts out of our Awesome Autumn book.

What seasonal crafts have you done with your family this year?