Sunday, September 1, 2013

Ice Cream at the Beach (a.k.a How to experience your toddler barf like a frat boy)

An impromptu family road trip to the beach on the last "official" weekend of Summer, seems innocent enough... 

You know those frozen yogurt places that have various flavors in a slushy-style self-serve machine and a salad-bar set up for every topping know to man? They charge by the ounce (minus the gigantic cup, they say). It's ingenious really. You think, "frozen YOGURT, that's healthy, right?" Until you slather on hot fudge, gummy bears and York peppermint patty chunks and the calorie count soars to more than a chili dog! I always feel the need to try the most wild combinations at these places, like the kid who is paid five dollars on a "dare" at the lunch table to eat some concoction. Except I've paid them $8.74 (they charged me tax, I couldn't believe it)! 

Anyway, I made B a VERY simple teeny weeny cup with strawberry flavored fro-yo and a few gummy bears. We all sat by the beach, enjoying the sights and sounds of the boardwalk on a hot end of summer night when he starts barfing

Aaaahhh!!! Noooo!! I pick his little body up and prop him over a garbage can. His little hands are holding the sides of the can and he is wretching into it like a frat boy on Spring Break!  We left the beach immediately and I never looked back. My apologies to any bystanders or patrons who had to smell that yak until the beach crea could clean it up ;(((

How did your last beach day go?

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