Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sequins... (and other things that don't flush)

It was a hot and steamy summer morning. I needed to entertain B while I got ready for the day. I thought I was being so swift with my "Pinterest-esque" idea of having him play with shaving cream, sequins and "mouse-ka-tools". I figured he would smell "fresh and clean" once we washed it all off.

My perfect plan went down the shitter, well, almost. As we are in FULL potty training mode I have been leaving our main floor toilet open and accessible for B to use. When I came to investigate a banging sound, I found him emptying the last few bits of "glitter" into the toilet with the "sprinkler" (a.k.a recycled Parmesan cheese shaker). When our eyes met, he quickly flushed and threw down the shaker like a college co-ed throws the weed in the toilet when the RA walks in (or so I've seen on TV). As the toilet water rushed down the drain, the pee followed, but a few seconds later, bloop bloop bloop, a little shimmering rainbow reappeared. Oh joy. At least it wasn't poop mixed with sequins, right? 

What's your favorite toddler toilet tale?

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